Red Corners

Because we are focused on repeatable relationships, EXXCEL offers our experience to manage your property. This service is available to existing clients and we also welcome new property owners and tenants.

Buying commercial property is the first step. Now you need a property management team to take care of it. We have the financial know-how and industry experience to handle a wide variety of services, including:

Our Property Management Services

  • Online portal
  • Single point 24/7 contact
  • Management tailored to individual client’s needs
  • Landscape and building maintenance
  • Emergency maintenance services
  • CAM management
  • Thorough communication with all involved parties

As the property owner, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is being taken care of for you and your tenants. Our expectations are just as high as yours and we take great pride in running a smooth and profitable operation.

From maintenance and building repairs to grounds keeping and tenant services, our property management team is determined to increase your ROI and keep everyone happy. With three decades in the industry, we can also provide professional advice on legal and finance matters associated with your commercial property.

EXXCEL’s property management and building expertise will help extend the useful life of your investment at the lowest responsible price.


Exxcel Project

Centerpoint 6 | Obetz, OH

Exxcel Project

Titus Landing | Titusville, FL

Exxcel Project

Nautilus | Obetz, OH